Borrego Springs Fire Protection District
& Paramedic Ambulance Transport Service

The District was created in 1961 as a Volunteer Department. Currently it is a a full service fulltime Fire District. The District has 12 paid personnel, augmented by 21 Reserves. There is one station covering 305.5 square miles, responded to 482 emergencies in the 2001-2002 fiscal year. In addition to providing typical Fire and rescue services the The District also provides Paramedic Ambulance Transport Services. District Apparatus includes a 2000 Central States Custom 1500 gpm 4 wheel drive pumper, 1982 Western States 1250 gpm pumper, 1975 2000 gallon Water Tender, 3 Modular Type 1 Ambulances 2 equipped with Advanced Life Support equipment.  Free Blood Pressure Tests.

Mission:  The Borrego Springs Fire Protection District dedicates its efforts and resources to serve and protect the community; enhance the quality of life and safety to the public through education, training, and commitment from each of its members.


2324 Stirrup Rd  

PO Box 9

Borrego Springs, CA  92004-0009