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The Borrego Water District provides water and sewer service to Borrego Springs. The mission of the Borrego Water District is to provide quality water and sewer service in an efficient, cost effective manner while providing a high level of customer satisfaction. For more information contact Jerry Rolwing, General Manager, 760.767.5806, Jerry@BorregoWD.org

Save Our Water - a statewide program aimed at helping Californians reduce their everyday water use. Created in 2009 by the California Department of Water Resources and the Association of California Water Agencies, the program offers ideas and inspiration for permanently reducing water use – regardless of whether California is in a drought.

Using traditional and social media, partnerships with local agencies and interviews with real Californians saving water, the program is reaching millions of Californians each year with its water-saving message and tips. Browse the Save Our Water website to uncover ideas on saving water indoors and out. You’ll find ideas for creating a beautiful, water-efficient garden, tools for calculating your water use.  Young or old, we can all make a difference in California’s water use by making simple changes to our daily habits.  Learn more about the program and ways to help spread the word.

Residential Water Calculator - Home water conservation is easy once you understand how and where you can use less. The quick and easy Water Calculator shows you which water uses in your home are efficient and which are not and offers simple conservation tips that save water and energy.

The Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(6) mutual benefit membership nonprofit organization that has been serving the community of Borrego Springs since 1950. The Chamber provides leadership and acts as a catalyst in creating a vibrant economic environment that supports business growth and attracts people to visit and live in Borrego Springs. For more information, contact Linda Haddock, Executive Director, 760.767.5555, LHaddock@BSCVB.com

San Diego County Water Authority The San Diego County Water Authority is a public agency serving the San Diego region as a wholesale supplier of water from the Colorado River and Northern California. The Water Authority's mission is to provide a safe and reliable supply of water to its 24 member agencies serving the San Diego region.  Borrego Water District is not a member agency.  This website however has very useful information on water conservation.

The State of California Department of Water Resources is responsible for managing and protecting California’s water. DWR works with other agencies to benefit the state’s people, and to protect, restore and enhance the natural and human environments. For more in information contact Laura Peters, P.E., Sr. Engineer, Water Resources, IRWM Regional Planning Branch, Regional Partnerships Section, 916.653.7912, Laura.Peters@water.ca.gov

Water Webster - Tips from the California Urban Water Conservation Council. ... Tips from the San Diego County Water Authority

H2House - This website was developed by the California Urban Water Conservation Council under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Conserving Water - Environmental Protection Agency